Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ireland To America

Sarah Anderson b.1670 Ireland

Emanuel Bagwell b.1705 Dublin d.Virginia
Daniel Bagwell b.1720 Dublin d.1820 Wake,Nc
Elizabeth " b.1699 Dublin d.1736 Dublin

James Boggs b.1665 Templemore d.1743 Chester,Pa
Joseph Boggs b.1706 Derry d.1772 Hillsboro,Nc
William Boggs b.1654 Derry d.1690 Derry
"Mother" Boggs b.1682 Derry d.1724 Derry

Brian Boru b.941 Clare d.1014 Leinster
Queen Slani Ingen Brian b.908 Munster d.1037

James Broithwaite b.1630 West.Meath d. ?
Margaret Broithwaite b.1665 Moate, Meath d.1750 Pa

Elizabeth Anne Boursiquot b.Devon,Eng d.1-29-1721 Leinster

Gedion Broom b.1740 Antrim d.? Pickens,Sc

Jacon Chamblee b.1750 Ireland d.?

Elizabeth Carleton b. 6-18-1701 Ballyhaken d.1760 Rowan,Nc
Thomas Carleton b. 1636 Cumberland,Eng d.1684 Ballincarrick, Wicklow

Mary Cleland b.3-15-1736 Killyleagh,Down d.1787

Lucretia Desjarrie b.1690 Cork d.1735 Va

Henry Donahue b. 1679 Kerry d.1722 Maryland

William England b. 1710 Donegal d.1800 Nc

Charles Fain b.1666 Ireland d. ? Nc
Nicolas Fain b.1730 Ireland d. ? Nc
William Fain b.1698 Ireland d. ? Nc

James Fontaine b.1658 France d. 1728 Dublin

Ingjald Helgasson b.822 Leinster d.848 Leinster

Hannah Hadley b.1709 Meath d. 1783 Chatham, Nc

Christiana Hundred b.1690 Ireland d.Ireland

Alexander Hunter b.1676 Uphall, West Lothain d.1720 Tyrone,Antrim

Olaf Ingjaldsson b.840 Dyflinni d.871 Leinster

Dunlaing Leinster b.920 Leinster d.1014 leinster

Gormflaeth Ingen Macfinn b.950 Leinster d.1030 Munster

Tuathal Macaugaire b.890 Leinster d.956 Leinster

John Maffitt b.12-16-1767 Cork d.4-24-1854 Old Fort,Nc
John Maffitt Sr. b.1737 Cork d. 1775 Rowan, Nc

Isebell Mark b.12-8-1638 Cumberland, Eng d.5-6-1698 Ballylekini

John Milford b.1760 Tyrone d.1837 Anderson, Nc
Robert Milford b.1730 Tyrone d.1790 Abbeville, Nc
William Milford b.1700 Tyrone d.aft.1730 Tyrone

Robert Miller b.1651 West Meath d.1731 West Meath
Michael Miller b.1682 West Meath d.1742 West Meath
Daniel Miller b.1704 West Meath d.1774 West Meath
Allen Miller b.1739 West Meath d.1827 Savannah,Ga

Margaret Mitchell b.1730 Ireland d.1784 Abbeville,Sc

Hamilton Murdock b.1731 Killyleagh,Down d.1805 Newberry,Sc
Margaret Murdock b.1755 Dungal Parish, Antrim d.1846 Newberry, Sc
William Murdogh b.5-26-1700 Down d. ? Down

Henry O'Donnchadha b.1650 Ireland d.3-9-1722 Hartford,Maryland

Maelcorcre Ingen O'Muiredaig b.1000 Leinster d.1054 ?

David O'Neill b. 1788 Cork d 1820 Virginia

Eachraid Ui Odba b.950 Eireann d.980 ?

Phillip Pahagan Sr. b.1730 Tyrone, Antrim d.1798 Newberry, Sc

Capt.Peter Plunkett b.1720 Galway Bay d.1790 Newberry, Sc
Peter Plunkett b.1700 Galway Bay d.? Aiken, Sc

Mrs. John Henry Dryman (nee) Redman b.1750 Ireland d.1830 More,Nc

Abraham Roe b.1820 Cannaught d.1897 Meath
Auston Roe b.1842 Meath d.1902 Edgefield,Sc

Elizabeth Thompson b.1655 Wexford d.5-13-1712 Rich Hill, Armagh
Henry Thompson b.1630 Wexford d.1660 Wexford
Susanna Thompson b.1638 Wexford d.1669 Wexford

Alexander Walker b.1685 Ireland d.1746 Goshen,Pa

Samuel Watson b.4-24-1659 Eng. d.1732 Rich Hill, Armagh
Susan Watson b.1680 Kilconnor, Carlow d.11-15-1746 Pa
Sarah Watson b.1637 Shropshire Eng. d. ? Rich Hill Armagh

* All of these names come from many years of research and family bibles,Records search at Libraries, Churches and


  1. Hello, I noticed you have info about "Phillip Phagan Sr. b.1730 Tyrone, Antrim d.1798 Newberry, Sc." Phillip Phagan, Sr was my 5th great grandfather and I was wondering if you have any documentation regarding where he came from before he showed up in America and who his parents were. Thanks much.
    Robin Phagan

    1. I would be interested in learning what you find out. Thanks.

  2. Some of my known ancestors on this list:

    Elizabeth Anne Boursiquot b.Devon,Eng d.1-29-1721 Leinster
    Lucretia Desjarrie b.1690 Cork d.1735 Va
    James Fontaine b.1658 France d. 1728 Dublin
    I would like to learn more about Lucretia Desjarrie. Her mother, daughter, and husband came to America together, but I have no name for her mother. If you can help me out here, please let me know. Also I would like to know if her daughter Ann is also known as Asa or if Asa is another daughter. When Lucretia died, Ann went to be raised by her aunt Mary Ann. Thanks.

  3. I was wondering if you had any information about Emanuel Bagwell's parents. I am also descended from him through my father's line. Thanks.